Mandarin Chinese for Beginners by maaryfa 皓睿 (HSK1)

maaryfa 皓睿
Course Duration
4 weeks, 16 live sessions

Suitable for: Students at beginner level.

This course helps students to learn the basic important Chinese (Mandarin) words and phrases. Our teaching method allows you to learn and understand Chinese in the best and easiest way possible. Our teachers are certified to teach Chinese as a foreign language, they speak at least 2 languages other than their mother tongue.

Course target: Course Objective: To enable students to learn and master the vocabulary, grammar, and expressions to achieve the corresponding level in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating.

Learning Outcome: The student will learn the basics of the Chinese language, including the composition of Chinese characters in Pinyin, learn 50-65 words, 12 basic Chinese grammatical expressions, and 20 basic Chinese characters so that students can recognize characters, tones, and voices.