SDS is committed to providing support to our partners during this difficult time. As the situation evolves and changes daily, we are developing resources and support as the need becomes apparent.

1) All services are up and running so universities education system can continue during this uncertain time. All our support team members are currently available and will continue to be as the entire team works remotely.

2) Aspects of support

  • Reviewing e-commerce solutions for all users.
  • Reviewing free content distribution requirements.
  • Reviewing the creation and distribution of Faculty Authored content.

3)Working with publishers to ensure all available content is loaded and ready for distribution through Saudi Universities. This includes finalizing contracts with new publishers to grow the content on the platform.

4) SDS may provide free content to any student during this challenging period, we are working with our partners to increase the quantity of content as well as the awareness and accessibility to this content.

SDS is always aware of its social responsibility, if you need any assistance or simply have questions, we are just a phone call or an email away.