How can I track/check my order (hardcopies only) status?

 you may track and view the status of your order by following these steps:

·         Sign into your account.

·         Click 'My Orders' on the top-right corner of your dashboard.

·         Scroll down until you find the order you want to track and click 'View order details'

·         Details will show whether your order is being processed or already shipped to you.

How can I cancel my order?

If you order a hardcopy, you may cancel your order from your dashboard any time up until the point of shipping. Once order is shipped, you can’t cancel your order and you will need to refer to the Return Policy.
If you order a softcopy, you may cancel your order from your dashboard any time up until the point of generating the access code. once access code is generated, you can’t cancel your order and you will need to refer to the Return Policy.

How can I create an account?

With a student account, you may view and manage your orders, update your personal information, and track the status of your order.

To create an account:
• Click 'Register as a Student' at the top of the homepage.
• Fill out the required details form including the number of your university ID.
• Click 'Create an account' to submit.
• You will be sent a code to your email to verify your identity.
• Enter the code to confirm.
• Welcome to SDS.

If you’re a general user you may create an account by following these steps:
• Click 'Register as a General User' at the top of the homepage.
• Fill out the required details form.
• Click 'Create an account' to submit.
• Welcome to SDS.

Where is my Wishlist?

Your wishlist can be found within your dashboard, on the top-right side next to under the 'My Orders' tab.

Can I share my wishlist with friends and family?

Your Wishlist is for personal use within your account. Because wishlists can be considered 'personal data' (as somebody’s book choices could indirectly indicate their religious or political beliefs, their sexuality, or other sensitive/private information), it is not possible to share your wishlist from within your account.

What does my order status mean?

• Order placed
We've received your order. You should see an update soon
• Being processed
We've received your order and are in the process of getting it ready to ship
• Your order was dispatched
Your order has been shipped and is on its way to the delivery address as stated on your confirmation email
• Cancelled
Your order has been cancelled. Any pending payments will be voided or cancelled.

How can I search for a book?

The search bar is the quickest way to find a particular book on our website. There are lots of ways to search. Try using the author's name, book title and subject.

How can I place an order?

Log in to your account and try using the search bar.

Once you have found the book (or books) you're looking for, click 'Add to Cart'
Your Cart is where you'll find all the books contained within your order before payment. Click on the Cart icon in the top-right hand corner of your dashboard to review your choices. Click 'Checkout' to pay, and complete your order

How do I receive a softcopy book?

Once you have completed your order and paid for your eBook, an access code will be sent by email to your email address.

Can I return an eBook?

All eBooks are final sales, and cannot be returned. Our eBook supplier advises that once an eBook access code is generated they are charged by the publisher for the eBook regardless of whether it is ever downloaded or not, therefore we are sorry we cannot provide a refund for eBooks purchased.

However, if you have ordered an eBook in error and not downloaded it, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us at support@saudidigitalshop.com and we should be able to arrange a refund once our supplier confirms the access code has not been used.

Refunds for non-downloaded eBooks can only be requested within 21 days of the order being placed so please let us know as soon as possible.

What happens if my firewall is preventing the download from taking place?

It may be that your machine is preventing the download from completing - sometimes this is caused by the firewall on your computer. If the computer belongs to a school/college or a business, please ask your IT to create an exception within the firewall and then attempt to download.

Can I order more than one eBook in the same order?

We recommend that you only order one eBook at a time to ensure that the links are sent as quickly as possible.

How can I pay for my order?

There are lots of ways to pay on Blackwells.co.uk. The following methods are accepted online:
Master card, Visa card, Mada, American Express, STC pay, Apple pay

Is there a discount for students?

Unfortunately, we do not offer direct student discounts. But we offer loyalty points on each purchase you make, so for every 100 loyalty points you collect, you get $5 discount on your next purchase.