We are simply the Fantastic Four Ss. We Save time, we Save effort, we Save space, and we Save money. SDS saves students more money. Universities hardcopies can be expensive. With SDS, students don’t need to carry around an expensive, and heavy textbooks. Instead, they can carry more affordable digital versions on their phones or iPads. In SDS, we know that users are a bit intimidated by new technology, that’s why our support team is here to guide you through any technical issues you may have when trying to access our platform.


As an affiliate, you will receive a reward for every unique link you share, it is a win-win action that allows you to enjoy our system of rewards while serving your own.


SDS partners with the leading publishers in Saudi Arabia to offer original and authenticated books that students and learners of all types can benefit from. SDS works with its reputed publishers to provide books that fall within Saudi curricula parameters. Our publishers are capable of providing brand new original materials of all subjects including Business, Literature, Science, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Children books.


Download eBooks through an incredibly easy-to-use online platform optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobile. Similar to popular video streaming services, continue reading where you left off.

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